Louisville, Kentucky - Avian Diplomate, ABVP, (502) 245 7863
"I warned my clients that your Pluck No More is another "snake oil" that would do nothing for their birds plucking, but it seemed safe enough per the labels contents. After all, we bird vets have been stumped by feather picking for 40 years therefore we would never want to admit that a layperson provided a cure that we could not. I am of the reverse philosophy. Give me anything that is safe to help these birds and I will rejoice in using it! Pluck No More has put feathers on my Umbrella Cockatoo Stevie M and my client's African Grey who was in a collar for almost a year. After using Pluck No More for 3 weeks he was collar free. I have used this on many of my patients and I have proven scientifically through numerous biochemistries including Blood Counts and Chemistry Panels that this is a safe product. Pluck No More is a wonderful product that compliments your great cage line of which I recommend as well."

Dr. Samuel B. Vaughn, DVM

Board Certified Avian Veterinarian, Professor of Avian Medicine Durham, North Carolina, (919) 490 3001 "As a practicing specialist in avian medicine, I see many cases of feather damaging behavior, which can be a difficult syndrome to diagnose and treat.  Pluck No More has given relief to this problem for many of my clients and patients.  I am impressed with the performance of Pluck No More.  It has successfully stopped feather damaging behavior in most of my patients.  If your bird is a feather plucker, chewer or destroys its feathers, you owe it to your bird and yourself to try Pluck No More. This product is not a replacement for proper veterinary care.  I also use and highly recommend your cage line to all of my clients."

Dr. Greg Burkett, DVM

"When I was about six or seven years old my father brought home a Canary. From that day on I was hooked on birds. Since then I have bred and raced Homing Pigeons, bred Fancy Pigeons, all types of Canaries, Finches, Cockatiels, and Budgies. Most of my life I had one type of bird or another. My favorite bird is the Gloster Canary first, and the Yorkshire Canary second. That is what my bird room consists of now. I breed and show both, and have done well at the local shows. I have also won the National Gloster Show two times (2006 and 2008) placing the Best Corona and Best Consort at both events. Glosters and Yorkshires are not always the easiest birds to breed. I find they both tend to be a little lacking in the feeding of the young during the first week. This is why several of the hens get some help from me. For this reason I use "Orlux Hand Feeding Formula" on the chicks. I have tried others, but there is no comparison. The Orlux dissolves completely in water, and the young love the taste. When I first used it the thing I noticed immediately when I opened it was how good it smelled. Many of my friends in the Fancy have used it with great results after I recommended it to them. During the breeding season along with the sprouted rape seed, I also give my birds "Orlux Dry Yellow Egg Food". In fact they get the Dry Egg Food almost all year long. My Glosters have good feather texture and good color. When other breeders ask me my secret I tell them it's the "Orlux Egg Food. During the moult the Egg Food is in front of them at all times. I also use "Orlux Calci-Lux in my water through out the year. Originally the breeders in the Tri-State area used to have problems getting the Orlux products on a regular basis. Since then Kings Cages International in East Brunswick, New Jersey has become the new sole distributor of all the Orlux Products. We now have a fresh supply on hand at all times. When I was a teenager an old timer Pigeon flier once told me "you will only get out of your birds what you put into them". I never forgot that, and still practice it today."

John Lund

Westside Animal Clinic, 711 N Fairfield Dr., Pensacola, Florida, (850) 453 3463 "Feather plucking has been one of the most frustrating problems for veterinarians, our clients, and most of our feathered friends, until Pluck No More, 'this is the first product that has entered the market, that I have seen work for my clients. My clients birds have never had any adverse effects. I have found that feather plucking is a habit and usually takes 3 to 4 months for most birds to feather up using Pluck No More. "Thank you for this great new product."

Dr. Thomas Knight, DVM

The Animal Medical Center and Bird Clinic of Hollywood
521 N Federal Hwy, Hollywood, Florida, (954) 920 2400 "I have found Pluck No More to be an excellent and safe  alternative treatment for feather plucking and other behavioral problems in pet birds. I have used this product on birds that have been plucking for years and I am always amazed to see their feathers return."

Dr. Robert D. Schachner, DVM

Avian Veterinarian, Columnist, lecturer, breeder, and aviculturist Long Island, New York, East Islip Animal Hospital (631) 277 2266 "My clients and I, have been very pleased with the results from your new Pluck No More. It surely is an amazing product and a gift to the parrot world. I personally own a large collection of macaws, cockatoos, and amazons. Of all the cages I have purchased over the last twenty years, King's Cages have far surpassed the others in their quality, design, and most importantly price. I am especially impressed with their line of stainless steel cages."

Dr. Linda Pesek, DVM

"I remember 40 years ago the only cages available were cheaply made and completely inadequate to safely house most of the species I was interested in.   When King's Cages were introduced, I was pleased that finally there were cages available that were well thought out, well made, attractive, and affordable.  I have used them for my birds for over 25 years.  They offer the best combination of safety, functionality, and style combined with affordable pricing.  I now practice exclusively avian and exotic animal medicine and whenever anyone asks me what line of cages I like best, the answer is always King's Cages."

Dr. Michael Doolen, Avian Veterinarian

"I opened the Amwell Bird Hospital and Pet Shop 18 years ago with one goal: to provide quality avian care and products to my clients and their birds. Pet birds require well-made housing with ample area to rest, eat, play and climb. King's Cages demonstrates excellence in design, workmanship and materials. I use King's Cages in my pet shop, I sell King's Cages to my clients, and I highly recommended King's Cages to anyone who inquires. King's Cages produces high quality cages that are reasonably priced. It is by far, the best value on the market today."

Dr. Jim McKinley, MS, DVM Dipl. ABVP

I purchased a travel cage in August of this year. I just wanted you all to know that it is the most well built cage I have ever seen. Thanks

John Scabarozi

We really do love this cage, by the way - it's beautifully made, but it also ROLLS, which has proven to be a lot of fun for us AND Disco! Great product.

Judy Myers Bolton

Hi: I just wanted to let you guys at Kings Cage know how much I LOVE my 2 new aluminum cages. I had a Napoleon top white King Cage for the past 14 years for my Red Sided Female Eclectus and decided it was time for a make-over. When I saw the aluminum cage I figured I would give it a try. Not only are they beautiful with the color combination of Red/silver (33x25)& Blue/silver (25x22), but they are so much lighter and easier to move when I need to clean behind the cage. Another great thing is the bird poop comes off the aluminum without any problems. I wouldnt change anything on them but am wishing that you could make a playtop for it so that I can slide off the Dome tops and change it up every now and then. Thank you for another great Kings Cage product!

Doris Hernandez

I have had parrots for over 24 years. The cockatoo to the left (Freida) I hand raised and was my first experience with how smart a bird can be!! The cockatoo to the right (Peach) I rescued and she is just a love. I try and give them the best I can as they do need room to climb up and down and stretch their wings. I also have a citron crested cockatoo and a medium sulfur crested cockatoo. My first experience with Kings cages was in the year 2000 when I became so disappointed in the California cages that I had that would rust in a short period of time and the locks were not reliable at all with my moluccans who learned quickly how to open the doors. That is when I purchased my first 2 King cages from you (model 406) and then 2 years later I purchased the huge cage that had a removable divider.I love my new Aluminum Cages. They are very easy to clean and I notice that they never scratch or rust!


The aluminum cage turned out a lot prettier than we expected...  and putting it together was a BREEZE!  I organized it differently from the other cage--I think Seymour likes it better! It's interesting to see the different designs and the various advantages and disadvantages of doing things slightly differently.  (I.e. the placement of the bowls, how they attach, things like that.) Thanks again! Heidi

Heidi Clark

The most beautiful cage I have ever seen. My bird Murphy is so happy in his new home.


I loaded up the whole gang all at once for a vet trip - a two hour ride and the new travel carriers are absolutely awesome!!  I am thrilled with them and getting two more so everybody has one.  I hauled the whole crew and it was so nice to have such secure carriers.  I put the guys in the old plastic ones up front so I could keep an eye on them.   I used to worry about the chewers getting through the plastic carriers.  These are absolutely awesome. Thanks for having such great stuff for my family!! Darlene

Customer Of The Month (February) Darlene

Jasper loves his travel cage. I wanted to take him trick or treating to several friends house, but he wouldn’t cooperate with the flight suit and leash so from now on we go in style. Very rich looking, very sturdy, and I got my first color pick. Worth the price for the aluminum and the color adds something more than stainless would. I own canaries and finches also, and appreciate the secure small bar spacing for when they need vet visits. -- Sue K, Buffalo, NY. (Jasper, a Cinnamon Green-Cheeked Conure went this Halloween as a parrot who owns a pirate.)

Sue K from Buffalo, NY

Hello Andrew, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how VERY please we are with your product and staff. We recently purchased 4 aluminum cages from you.  Not only are we thrilled with the product (my birds like the cages too), we are more than satisfied with how your staff assisted.  From the purchase I made with Lucy, to the assistance offered by Amanda and Roberto.  We had a problem with one of the rivets on the main piece of the larger cages.  Amanda and Roberto acted quickly to get us the replacement part.  More importantly they all responded in pleasant and caring manner. If other business were run with this kind of customer service, we'd be a better country.  Honestly, I just moved and no one has been able to get me the right product, get their work done properly, or offer the kind of customer service that you group has. I hope you offer your staff the recognition they deserve for their outstanding service!  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! You have a customer for life Best Regards, Lorraine Youngblood Houston TX

Lorraine Youngblood

Dear Mr. King, I placed an order that was out of stock and have been in contact with Jennifer Elliott on a regular basis concerning my order.  I must tell you that I have never had such great customer service then that of Jennifer...She went out of her way to make sure I was up to date on the order and did everything she could to help.  I just would like you to know what a great person she is and her person skills are FANTASTIC!!!!! She really was a great help and did her job to a T .. I have never had such a great experience with a company and she really is an asset to yours.  I know people usually email you with complaints, but I think it is extra important to let you know when there is a good word to put in about someone. Keep up the great work, Jennifer is a great example of a true Customer Service rep.  She is GREAT and wanted you to know that.  Thank you for her.. Laurie Domicoli

Laurie Domicoli

Hi Jennifer, Sorry for not contacting you sooner but we've been away on holiday, due to my retirement. it was unfortunate about the import duty we had to pay but the reason I'm emailing you is to let you know how impressed we are with the excellent quality of the cage. over the past years we have had many cages for our parrots but none with the quality of engineering of Kings cages. once again we would like to thank you for the excellent service you gave us. Paul and Carol

Paul and Carol

I received my Aluminum Travel Cage less than 24 hours after I ordered it.  Thank you! It is an engineering marvel. First rate design.  I worked as an aerospace engineer for Grumman Aircraft and the cage is aircraft quality.  Congratulations on providing such wonderful products at an affordable price.

Ray Arons

Hello John, Received the Kings bronze cage today, assembled it and am very impressed with the engineering of this sweet little transport cage. It is a beautifully manufactured piece of technical design excellence. My lovebird hopped in and he loved it immediately even with the large inside perch. Couldn't get him to come out 🙂 I can see easily that two lovebirds would be quite content traveling in this roomy cage. The bronze color adds to the design style and gives it the look of an art piece. It's that good. Please pass this onto the Kings Cage folks. Thank you for being what I consider to be the best eBay seller I have purchased from in all my years on eBay. Your flexibility, communication and willingness to help make the transition smooth is impressive. I wish you continued success and will be recommending you to my avian vet. Kind regards, Kate

Kate Aluminum Cages

22 year old Pepper! She started plucking and the Vet said it was hormonal and to get a collar. We decided to try Pluck no More. In one week we saw down feathers and plucking stopped. In 2 weeks the sores were healed and you can see how beautiful she is by week three!. It really works!!! I add it to her water and spray her three times a day. -Linda

Linda and Pepper

After close consideration which would suit us best, we looked for a bird in our area. Nobody would give us any guarantee on the birds’ health, nor would they show us where the birds were raised. That sent bells off so I called Parrots of the World on Long Island. We had seen Marc Morrone many times on the Martha Stewart Show and his vast knowledge led me to believe he’d be sure to send us a healthy bird and Parrots of the World was the only place which gave a guarantee on the birds' health. Of course with animals there are no guarantees, but obviously this bird was healthy. She arrived in a carrier which was flown on a jet from New York to Austin, TX with no incident. I don’t go out to work so have plenty of time to dedicate to a parrot. I cooked her food, gave her toys, played with her and gave her the time required by these intelligent animals. Then, the last thing I ever though would happen happened; she started to pluck her pin feathers out and was very agitated and rustrated. I didn’t think this issue was boredom since I spent all day with her, so I brought her to the “avian” vet. After 800 dollars and no findings using these expensive, tests she continued to pick at herself along her back and her legs. Disease ruled out I felt awful as I watched my beautiful bird turn into a bald, sick looking bird. When I’d spray her with water daily it would really show how she’d plucked out every feather on her legs and was much worse than I thought when I saw her dry. It continued to the point where I did not know what to do. She did not have medical problems. When I called Marc from Parrots of the World he told me about a holistic product called, Pluck No More. I was willing to try anything at this point and the vet was useless. I ordered the product from King’s Cages and started putting Pluck No More into Mika’s water every day, along with putting it in her spray bottle as well. I ordered the suggested amount of bottles, (which I believe was five) and put my faith in this product. I was very impressed with the service King’s Cages gave me to explain everything. Every day I made sure I gave Mika fresh water which did not have chlorine in it with the suggested dose of Pluck No More, and slowly over the next month or so I noticed her feathers started coming back in. I had to ask my husband if he’d seen her doing that picking at her legs and back with the same frustration as before and we both couldn’t remember when the last time it was we saw this behavior. It was gradual enough we didn’t notice till she stopped altogether. I never took photos of her when she was bald because I never thought to, but had to tell our story. When I hear Marc Morrone on his radio show I call to say how great this product is and that, when following instructions to the letter had great results. My Hahn’s Macaw, Mika is full of beautiful feathers like magic! Now I use the Pluck No More any time I think Mika is getting stressed. This can happen when the day length shortens or gets longer or if she is in season and has sexual frustration (yes, parrots get this) or when her stress leads to watery poops. I take out a bottle of Pluck No More; start her back on it and less than a week she is back to normal. For any pet bird owner the worst thing is to be doing everything right, but you have a behavior which is so unhealthy for the parrot. It is painful to watch and I found a product which does what it says it does. It WORKS! Imagine that. It’s so much less invasive than blood draws, which add more stress. I’m not saying there aren’t times to bring a parrot to the vet, but feather plucking (in my opinion) is stress related, from sexual frustration to seasonal changes or less frequently by some illnesses. Last, but not least, I eventually found a Board Certified Avian Vet (hard to come by) and when Mika had her annual he performed NO tests, none needed, thought she looked wonderful, shiny and had a sweet temperament. If you have a bird which plucks, please try this product, Pluck No More. In addition to the product I now set up forage puzzles, and keep her busy with millet and allow her to play alone each day. She is an emotionally healthy bird and it started with the breaking the cycle using Pluck No More. Thank you, Victoria

January 28, 2009

Dear Richard, This is my first order since 1986 and I can not tell you how pleasantly surprised I was with the entire transaction. The order of your largest cage models and the "Pluck no more" and bird shampoo arrived a week before I expected it.(pleasant surprise) It was very professionally packaged and the shrink wrapping was perfect. The cages went together easily as EVERY bolt hole lined up perfectly(not often seen). the finish is the best I have seen anywhere and better than even you had in the 80's. Each cage was a showpiece and we sold 2 the first 48 hours they were on display and at a fair profit. The customers have all been very satisfied and were amazed when we pointed out some of the cage features such as the food and water bowls locking into the holders with just a twist and the doors to the bowls are easy for them to open but virtually immpossible for the birds to do the same. I put the "Pluck no more" on the shelf and since I bred the large birds for 36 years was sceptical as to would it sell with the price being what it is. I sold 2 bottles the first day. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the entire transaction and to let you know my next order(with much confidence) will be arriving to you shortly. Sincerely, Frank's Pet World L.L.C.

Frank’s Pet World, LLC


“Scooter” Goffin’s Cockatoo

I am writing to let you know what a difference your product "Pluck No More" made in my Goffin's Cockatoo, Peaches. Back in 2006, Peaches started pulling his feathers out along both sides of his face with his feet. I had just had him boarded at a bird store for a week prior to him doing this. I took him to my local veterinarian and then an avian veterinarian which both examined him and tested his blood for any abnormalities. After everything came back negative for any health issues, I was just told to continue feeding him a good balanced diet of pellets and fresh fruits and veggies just as I had been doing and to try to make sure there was nothing in his surroundings that could cause him stress. I followed the instructions with no avail. His plucking continued to progress and before I knew it, the feathers on both sides of his face were gone clear back behind his ear holes, and down the left front side of his body. I started researching on the internet after given some tips from my bird groomer about homeopathic remedies, when I came across your product. I read some of the feedback your company posted on your website from other owners of birds with success stories of how your product worked for them. After about 8 months of being on your product, Peaches has been fully feathered and doing quite well. He doesn't seem as nervous as before and is like his normal self. Thank you for inventing such a lifesaving product for birds.  Thank you again. Ronnette Sparks (Very happy owner of Peaches)

“Peaches” Goffin’s Cockatoo

VETERINARY ASSOCIATES-STONEFIELD Dear Richard: I was at first skeptical about your product, especially its safety. Therefore, as I always do, I decided to try your product on my own birds, and a few special clients' birds. I warned these clients that this was probably another "snake oil" that would do nothing for their birds plucking but it seemed safe enough as per the label's contents. After all we bird vets have been stumped by feather picking for 40 years, so we would never want to admit that a layperson provided a cure that we could not. I am of the reverse philosophy. Anybody give me anything that is safe to help these birds and I will rejoice in using it! I am attaching a Complete Blood Count, Chemistry Panel, and Serum Electrophoresis of an African Grey who was nearly bald in January of 2005. The bird was wearing an E-collar and had not responded to any of our conventional treatments for chronic feather picking. He was living a miserable existence as most collared birds do in my opinion. We started Mufasa on Pluck No More on January 25, 2005. The collar came off within two weeks. The only abnormality is a low protein which is really normal because I had the owner hold this bird off of food before my visit. He was without food for over 8 hours, thus his blood protein should be expected to be low. While I have no photos of Mufasa, he is nearly totally feathered after four months on your product. I will be forwarding you photos of my own featherpicker, Stevie, an Umbrella Cockatoo, four weeks on your product and she now has tail feathers for the first time in four years! Her bloodwork is pending also, hopefully these normal biochemistries of birds on your product will quiet the naysayers on the internet bird boards who say your product is dangerous. Pluck No More has not harmed my bird, or Mufasa the African Grey and I have proven that scientifically. Update - 6/1/05 Complete Blood Count and Biochemistry Analysis of my own Cockatoo Stevie. She has been on Pluck No More since 4/2/05 - All labs normal and first normal tail feathers in 2-3 years. Samuel B. Vaughn, DVM, Avian Diplomate, ABVP Veterinary Associates-Stonefield, Louisville, KY.

Sam Vaughn, DVM Avian Diplomate ABVP

"As a practicing specialist in avian medicine, I see many cases of feather damaging behavior, which can be a difficult syndrome to diagnose and treat. Pluck-No-More has given relief to this problem for many of my clients and patients. I am impressed with the performance of Pluck-No-More. It has successfully stopped feather damaging behavior in several of my patients. If your bird is a feather plucker, chewer or otherwise destroys its feathers, you owe it to your bird and yourself to try Pluck-No-More. This product is not a replacement for proper veterinary care." Greg Burkett DVM, Avian Diplomate ABVP, Board Certified Avian Veterinarian Durham, NC. http://www.birdieboutique.com 06/07/05

Greg Burkett, DVM Avian Diplomate ABVP

Feathered Playpen 9873 Indian Springs Drive Cincinnati, OH 45241 (513) 777-7719 Richard King: I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your new product, "PLUCK NO MORE". I have found many uses for this product and am excited about the results I have gotten in just four weeks of use. I own over 45 pairs of breeding parrots, of which I chose Chester my very, very plucked African Grey as my first subject. Jordy, Chester's mate, has been treated for chronic diarrhea since coming to live at Feathered Playpen and nothing seemed to relieve her problem. I was surprised to find that Jordy's diarrhea vanished while her mate was being treated for feather plucking with Pluck No More. Chester started to get pin feathers on the back of his neck that I have never seen in the five years that he has lived here, and Jordy's droppings were normal. Since Pluck No More worked so well on Jordy & Chester's problems, I decided to try some on a pair of Black-Headed Caiques that I have been trying to get to nest and who also had a case of bad diarrhea. Within a week of adding the product to their drinking water, not only did the diarrhea go away, but she was finally sitting on her first egg. I figured the product worked so well in the aviary calming birds why not try calming down a sick cockatiel that I was caring for. The bird had started into respiratory distress which was evident by the tail bobbing it displayed. I figured what could it hurt to try to make his last days a little calmer, his death a little more dignified. To my delight, within three hours of dosing him with Pluck No More he was sitting back on his favorite perch peering out the window, whistling his favorite tune and even more surprising was the fact that the tail bobbing was gone. It has been three days since and he continues to improve. We also board birds and just yesterday I had an African Grey come to stay with us. I could tell that she was a plucker, but I was not prepared for what she had in store for me while her owners were on a three week vacation. She had plucked her shoulder feathers so badly that she was actually mutilating raw skin. I had the choice of taking her to an avian vet for a shot to calm her down, which would really upset her, or try some Pluck No More in her water. I decided on the latter and sure enough, Gracie the Congo is sitting calmly in her cage and has not plucked at her shoulders since. I am seeing a real need for a product like this and I believe we have just touched the surface of its many uses. Debbie Perrin 06/2/05

Feathered Playpen

Richard and Andrew: I just wanted to let you know what great results we've seen with Pluck No More on our Black Headed Caique, Callie. Callie is just a baby, in fact her 1 year birthday is 6/14/05 so needless to say we were very worried when she began featherplucking to the down. We went to the vet. We tried countless other remedies and we were fresh out of ideas. Then at the HH Backer show when I told Richard of my plucking problem he told me about Pluck No More. Thinking we've tried everything what could this hurt. I took the bottle home and as Andrew explicitly told me, I followed the directions exactly as described. We started to notice new feathering within 9 days of use and now Callie is 100% back to her normal self. I have a unique position in the avian industry as anything in the world made for birds is typically a phone call away. After calling in countless favors it was Pluck No More that did the trick. I am definitely pleased with the results. Pluck no more is a true testament to Richard and Andrew Kings commitment to the wellness of birds throughout the US. Kyle Sandler Bird Times Magazine, CA. ksandler@petpublishing.com 6/14/05

Kyle Sandler – Bird Times Magazine

To King's Cages: In all my years of running a parrot rescue/adoption there are several questions routinely asked. One in particular is "How can I stop my bird from plucking?". Now calls I receive are from people all over giving high praise to this homeopathic product "Pluck No More". After the calls kept coming, I had a volunteer try it on a featherless African Grey. We now see red tail feathers we have never seen before as well as an influx of body feathers. Putting the product in a mister bottle gives him an extra boost. Thank you for giving the birds that are normally overlooked a new lease on a better life. Pat Pipan My House of Wings Parrot Rescue/Adoption Nanticoke, PA 6/6/05

My House of Wings Parrot Rescue/Adoption

5850 State Park Road Pipersville, PA. 18947 215-798-1451 Dear King's Cages, I've wanted to write to you and let you know how very pleased I am with your new "Pluck No More" product. I purchased 12 bottles about 2-3 months ago and immediately sent 6 of them to a local rescue, that we work with, for them to try on some of their rescue birds who feather pluck. At the same time, I gave 4 of the bottles to friends/customers that had feather plucking birds, for them to try. About a week or two later I received a call from the rescue telling me that a feather plucking moluccan cockatoo, who they had been using the product with had made an unbelievable recovery. Not only was the bird allowing his feathers to come back in, but his fearful personality had changed as well. He is now lovable and handleable, just as you would expect a cockatoo to be. The latest news about this bird is that he has now been adopted out to a loving home and is going through his first molt without problems. After hearing about how well it had worked, I started calling around to some of the other people I had given bottles to. Everyone had the same feedback, "this product is great!" Not only does it work against feather plucking, it also has a great calming affect that works wonderfully for African greys and other normally nervous birds. Some of the people stated that their birds had the happy, playful personality they did when they first got them, which some hadn't seen for many, many years. We have even begun using "Pluck No More" when sending certain birds home (African greys) to their new families, to make the transition as seamless and easy for the bird as possible. To date, we have seen some remarkable differences in almost a dozen different birds from Cockatoos and African greys to Amazons, and even Conures that we have used the "Pluck No More" with. I just want to say thanks again for another wonderful product! Thanks to "Pluck No More", there are a few more birds returning to a normal, happy way of life. Nathan Granoff www.birdsplace.com 3/9/05

Birds, Etc.

Mainline Shopping Center Dear King's: I am writing to tell you how ecstatic I am with the results of your "Pluck No More" product. My Timneh Gray Rocket plucked all its chest feathers after we brought home a new greenwing macaw. We tried everything we could think of to stop the feather picking. We changed his food, added new toys, tried medical treatments, and provided more light but nothing stopped the feather picking. We were worried sick that he would hurt himself if he kept feather plucking at the rate he was. Then "Pluck No More" came onto the market and we gave it a try. Within a week he stopped feather plucking and we started to see a change for the better in his feather picking habits. I am very happy to say that he now has all his feathers back and he looks great, we owe it all to King's "Pluck No More". Its important to note that I am not a novice when it comes to working with birds. I work at Todd Marcus Birds Exotic and have access to a lot of treatments and supplies. Mr. Marcus has 22 years experience in the exotic bird business and stocks a large inventory of medical treatments for birds. None that I have tried worked with the exception of King's "Pluck No More". Convinced of the merits of the product I began recommending it to our customers who one by one reported the same outstanding results. Not one person that I have recommended the product to has reported an unsatisfactory result. You can not do better than one hundred percent effective can you? Finally a veterinarian heard me talking about the new King's "Pluck No More" and said they always recommended a different brand. After reading the list of ingredients in the King "Pluck No More" Product, the veterinarian concluded that it was far superior to what she had been recommending. In closing "Pluck No More" is a great product that has helped my bird Rocket and made me a real hero with our customers who had birds which feather pluck. Keep up the good work and thank you for saving me hundreds of dollars in vet costs. Frederick W. Hess

Todd Marcus Birds Exotic Inc.

178 Bellerive Blvd. Nicholasville, KY. 40356 (859) 219-0056 Mellisa Pointer Whitton Vivian L. Whitton To Who It May Concern, We at Most Valuable Pets, Inc. recommended "Pluck No More", distributed by Kings Cages, to 6 customers. There was a total of 4 African Greys and 2 Umbrella Cockatoos who were feather pickers. I had feedback from 3 customers within the first week. They said they noticed a change in their bird almost immediately. One customer who lives in Virginia Beach could not believe how fast it started working and called me to say it was a miracle. One of the African Greys was a baby from our store who had started feather plucking at 4 months of age. We tried collaring him, but he tore off all the collars and thrashed around. He was visibly distraught. Within the first few days of using "Pluck No More" the picking and chewing of feathers decreased. The product has been given orally to him in his drinking water since the first week in May. He has regained 70% of his feathers. Mellisa Pointer Whitton 05/25/05

Most Valuable Pets, Inc.

19224 Ventura Blvd. Tarzana, California 866 parrots Dear Richard and Andrew King: For the last ten years we have worked with numerous plucked and feather picking birds. We have tried every remedy on the market, have attended seminars and worked with behaviorists, nutritionists and avian vets. We have explored the effects of improved diet, additional lighting, increased humidity and every environmental factor and variable that we could think of, with limited success. Many of these birds responded temporarily and then resumed the feather plucking habit after a while. When you first mentioned that you had the solution for this problem, we were skeptical because we thought that we had looked at everything. When you started sending me testimonials, the scientist side of the brain said no way can feathers grow that fast or long-term feather picking behaviors be altered like this. Well, we are trying your product on a group of 5 badly plucked birds and one baby African grey that started feather plucking at the age of 6 months for no apparent reason. We started them on the Pluck No More Friday, March 4 after taking close-up pictures of their feathers and lack of feathers. The owner of the young grey is desperate and had asked us to put the bird in a VSP collar. The collar arrived yesterday and when I went to put it on the bird, I noticed that new feathers were growing on her chest. Her demeanor was totally changed. When she came to us she seemed depressed and somewhat lethargic. Yesterday, I really thought that I was looking at a different bird. She was wildly swinging from a rope swing, chattering at her toys and acting more like a Caique than a Grey. I know that these observations are subjective, but based on this remarkable turnaround in four days: we are encouraged and will carefully document the improvement that we are seeing. Thanks for sharing this wonderful product with us. Bill and Judy Lantz 3/8/05

Parrots Naturally

I rescued a sun conure from someone that had this beautiful bird in a tiny cage, in disgusting dirty conditions, dirty water, etc. I have to tell you, I didn't even like birds but I did it because I felt sorry for this poor bird. I said to the owner "How do you keep the bird in these conditions," he said "If you are so worried about the bird, why don't you take him home." So I did. The bird is beautiful but acted like a total nut, bouncing off the inside of the cage and trying to eat my finger whenever I went near him. I went to my local shop and told him what was happening. He recommended this new product, just on the market called "Pluck No More". I put half a capful in 4 oz. of bottled water and I can't tell you the amazing results. In only ten days the bird has become a sweet, lovable companion. He flies to me and wants to be kissed all the time. I have decided I will never give this bird up. I can not believe what "Pluck No More" has done for this bird and for my life. He is so enjoyable and loving now. Thank you King's Cages. Gary Vassallo Freehold, NJ

Gary Vassallo

7155 Helsom Bend Dallas, TX 214-692-9800 Dear Richard, Just a note to tell you that I have been using "Pluck No More" with my 3 parrots for two weeks and can already tell a difference. My female Eclectus, Tuki, has been feather plucking and breaking off her feathers for about 8 years. I tried everything…bathing, every kind of toy, chewables like wood and pine cones, special foods, vitamins, special light, changing and moving cages…even a special vet behaviorist who came to our home. She is healthy and seems to be happy, is a talker and a snuggler…she just doesn't want any feathers! I am putting the product in the bottled purified drinking water as advised. I also placed some in a spray bottle and sprayed her a couple of times a day, avoiding face and eyes. In the past I have uncovered her in the morning to what looked like snowfall. All her white downy feathers, plus some of her top feathers were all over the cage bottom. In the past 10-12 days she has stopped feather plucking. I am praying that this continues and that she regains her beauty and peace of mind! Thank you for offering this product…if you are interested I will keep you advised of her progress. Anne Sadovsky anne@annesadovsky.com 3/3/05

Anne Sadovsky CSP, CAM, RAM

5207 Pt. Pleasant Pike Doylstown, PA. 18901 215-766-2170 Dear King's Cages, I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I have been using your product "Pluck No More" this past month on both my Severe Macaw and my Goffins Cockatoo who feather pluck. They both have a feather plucking problem that began as overgrooming. My Cockatoo "Winston" is not as quiet as he had been. He now talks a lot more than he had and he is playing with his toys again. I have an e-collar on him, I'm not ready to take it off yet but there is a big change in his behavior since adding "Pluck No more" to his water. Byron, my Severe Macaw does not scream as much as he had and he has down feathers where before there was skin. Neither one of them has molted yet, so I won't know fully to what extent the product has helped, but I am happy with the changes I have already noticed. UPDATE 03/08/05 - mutilation & feather plucking I wanted to write and update you on the progress "Winston" my Goffins Cockatoo has made since starting him on "Pluck No More". In my last letter I told you how he had begun playing with his toys again and talking a lot more. I also told you I have had an E-Collar on him for almost 2 1/2 years. He had feather plucked so severely that he had a hole chewed in his chest. I was not ready to take off his collar when I last wrote. I wanted to let you know that he has been collar free for two weeks and his chest has healed and continues to look good. Before I was introduced to "Pluck No More", I was sure he would spend the rest of his life in an E-Collar. Julie Osbaldeston 12/21/04

Osbaldeston’s “Pet of the World”

As you know, I got a bottle of the Pluck No More to try on Merlin, my mitered conure who lives across the street with my son. He is 13 and is a hardcore butt feather plucker and is naked between his wings all the way to his tail, also he feather picks his little legs. He has had a sad life, and is so very happy to have a 'boy of his own'. I received the Pluck No More on Monday, and started doctoring his water immediately. I also decided to have a 'control group' so I have also been giving it to Solly. He doesn't pluck his feathers and has always been a happy camper, but this year is enjoying a particularly ratty molt. After a full week, Merlin has fuzzy pants and is letting some down grow on his back, which he has always religiously shaved bare. There are a few baby feathers up between his wings, and he is talking much, much more and seems to be leaving the new feather growth alone. Solly is still molting, but his appetite, which has always been extremely finicky, has improved 100%. He is much, much more active and has joined Sheba for the daily flight around the room, which he never was much into before. He also is much more talkative, and he has always been a chatterbox, so that's saying something. I am going to add the Pluck No More to Merlin's misting bottle so he can get a heavier application. Conclusions: I see some difference in both birds. Lisa W

“Merlin” Mitred Conure

Hello Mr. King, My Momma Roseanna says I need to thank you for the wonderful PLUCK NO MORE! Every time my momma sees me, she tells me how amazing it is that my feathers have come in. You see, even before I came to live with Momma Roseanna, with the help of my wife Mrs. Hansey, I was plucked plumb naked from the bottom of my legs to the top of my neck. Mrs. Hansey was cranky all the time and for the past several months we have not been "co-habitating". My Momma Roseanna told my Auntie Christine about my nakedness, that 2 different vets could find nothing physically wrong with me nor with my diet and they both diagnosed me as a neurotic plucker. Momma also told her how Mrs. Hansey would attack me every time I would try to move back into my home. One day right before Memorial Day, a small package came to the house addressed to me, Mr. Hansey! It was a bottle of Pluck No More; a present from my Auntie Christine, Pele the Caique and Kiri the CAG! Auntie Christine told my momma to give it to Mrs. Hansey too so that she would calm down and quite trying to "git" me. Within two weeks of using Pluck No More I had feathers again! If you don't believe me, just look at the pictures I have sent. As of July 12, I am almost fully feathered, AND, the best part for me is that Mrs. Hansey has had a complete change of attitude towards me since she has been on the Pluck No More. Looks like we'll be having a second honeymoon any day now. I really, really, really want to thank you for helping me grow my beautiful feathers back and for helping Mrs. Hansey fall in love with me again! We are going to name our first two boys Richard and Andrew (after you and your son.) THANK YOU THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Roseanna and Hansey Lauenstein, Pinckney, MI (734)-878-1346 7/12/05

Roseanna and Hansey Lauenstein

My 13 year old Indian Ringneck Parrot has plucked himself for six years now. He did not handle my divorce and the subsequent move well and over the next year began to feather pick his shoulders, chest, legs and back. I have taken him to vets, behaviorists, even a pet psychic. I spent more time with him, got him a new cage, lots more toys, better food, better lighting and even tried getting him a mate, twice. He loves me but he still plucked. I did not want to go to the extreme of a collar or drugs. I tried Pluck No More on him and I am amazed at how fuzzy my little bird has become. Even my customers have noticed and now want their own bottles of Pluck No More. One customer tried it on her African Grey parrot and within a couple of days he stopped fussing with his feathers so much. I especially like that it does not make my bird sleepy like medications often do. He is perky and active like always, but with more feathers. Catherine Windy City Parrot, Inc. Chicago, IL www.windycityparrot.com 05/23/05

Windy City Parrot

After buying several small birds, I decided to buy a larger bird, the African Grey.  Sammee is a 3 year old female who talks incessantly, acts like a clown and is wonderful letting me love and cuddle her. The shop where I had bought Sammee never advised me that greys were sensitive and prone to plucking.  After a year, her behavior changed.... Click here to read more

Gina Lane

Dear Kings Cages, I am writing to tell you I love your product Pluck No More for my African Grey Scarlet. She does so well on it because she has so many phobias. We have had her to the vet and they can find no cause for her plucking. Blood work has been done for every bird disease know to man. The vet's conclusion is that she is just crazy. I love her dearly as she is a rescue. Can she be on this product indefinitely? She only plucks to the down on her chest no further and no other parts of her body. I have recently got an air purifier for her room as she is in the same room with my sulfur-crested cockatoo. They assured me that this might help. Is there some other product you carry for long term use? I don't care what she looks like but I want all her years with me to be the best. A loyal fan. Debbie

Deborah Hanson

First off, I would like to thank you so much for coming out with such a great product! Secondly, let me tell you about my Congo African Grey, Noah. He came to me in May 2008 and he was completely bald. He looked like a fuzzy baby chick and he was adorable! He didn't talk or play, and just sat on his perch all day long. After doing some research and reading other testimonials, I purchased Pluck No More at a bird show in Indiana at the end of June 2008 and eagerly went straight home to try it. After two weeks, I noticed he had some pin feathers coming in and I was so excited! We had a couple downfalls after that and he reverted to over-preening, but another two weeks after that, he had bright red tail feathers! I didn't hold my breath, since he doesn't like the color red for some reason and every time he would see one he would pull it, but he let them grow! By the end of August, 2008, he was almost completely feathered! He still had a couple bald spots on his wings, but the transformation was remarkable! I started weaning him off the product last November, and he is still going strong. He is now playing with toys, talking, and is beautifully fully feathered! I mention your product to anyone I speak to in person, or over the internet, and I have gotten positive feedback from those who have tried it! I can't thank you enough for making my baby happy again! I have posted a video on my youtube page of his transformation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIUJPmcd9rg. Thanks again, Nikki Davis

Nikki Davis

Rachel Bruun Vekseth, author and bird enthusiast. Pluck No More. "Pippis plucking story My oldest grey, Pippi, started plucking when I returned to work after a long sick leave. She was four years old at the time, and was previously used to being left in the company of my dog. Now, however, she had grown accustomed to me being at home in the day, and probably started plucking out of frustration. It can’t be ignored that Pippi got a terrible wing clip when she was a chick, barely three months old. Due to this, she didn’t learn how to fly until after her first big molt. I really believe this could be one of the factors that made her prone to plucking. Being otherwise healthy, and already living in optimal conditions, Pippi now got the full treatment. This means even more attention when I was at home, an aquarium to look at, daily baths instead of every second day etc. etc. This seemed to help, and she recovered a lovely plumage. Until my first day of overtime at work that is. When I got home that day, she had once more plucked a spot on her chest. We had three intense rounds like this before I started looking for other options. Fortunately, I stumbled across an exciting product at the King’s Cages website. It was called Pluck No More, and had supposedly helped 90% of the birds who had tried it. This is a natural product with no unwanted side effects. After reading all the recommendations, I decided to give it a go. A few weeks later Pippi’s plumage was back in wonderful condition, while she got PNM in her drinking water. She was also sprayed with a water-based solution in addition to her daily shower. I still didn’t give PNM full credit, as she had become better on several occasions before as well. The big test was my first day of overtime since we started using the product. And wouldn't’t you know, she still had all her feathers intact when I got home that night! I continued to give her PNM for a couple of months before I slowly begun to cut her dosage. I discontinued the use over a few weeks, as I was worried she might relapse if I cut her off to suddenly. The product also has a calming effect, so some people use it consequently in stressful periods, such as moving and other situations where the birds are prone to stress. I could clearly see this effect on Pippi too. She seemed happier and more harmonic than in her plucking periods, and luckily, this has lasted since." Thanks again, Rachel 🙂


My parrotlet was naked only 33 days ago...his feet, breast, between his wings only skin, few flight feathers with tattered ends and no tail.  Just a head full of blue feathers... He truly looked ready for the roasting pan! This plucking started after a complete molt, I kept waiting for the new feathers but none were appearing, instead, less and less until he was naked. He was  also plucking his buddy parrotlet during mutual grooming. I separated them during this treatment period.   Today 33 days later, he has fuzz all over him, his tail feathers have emerged about 2 inches, and still growing...and he is not plucking ...all the new pins are opening on his breast... Here is what I do:  I pour half of the 4 oz of water with the solution, into his bath dish.  He loves to bathe and like all birds, he tastes the water before wetting himself.  This way way I know for sure that he drank the Pluck No More solution.  His feet get wet and the stuff gets absorbed in his skin... I also soak his treat bread with the solution, sometimes put extra 4 drops...anything to make sure he has enough fluid with the remedy.  I have been spraying him too. He is calmer, previously he was sort of a fearful, neurotic fellow..I got him new toys and he likes to shake them.  He tends to chew on paper towels and bird cotton twists. This is a remarkable product...But then, I believe in homeopathy, since I use those products for allergies and occasional insomnia without using over the counter drugs... I am SO glad that this product exists to help birds...(and their owner, who seem to be more upset than the birds). Looking forward for the next few months. I am lucky to have found your site!  Thank you, Nina Next time, will forward pictures...AND THANKS FOR THIS PRODUCT... Nina ( NYC)

Nina Attar

Dear King's Cages, After months of trying everything else, I hesitantly started using Pluck No More on my male eclectus, who is a chronic feather chewer, this past December. I noticed a difference immediately! I knew it was working right away because I no longer found little feather fragments all over the floor of his cage. Also, he would normally scream for 5-10 minutes every morning before breakfast, and after a few days on Pluck No More this behavior stopped entirely! I normally had been giving him baths a few times a week just using water in a plant mister. The first day I received my order in the mail, I used the feather shine shampoo to give him a bath in the sink. I never realized how dirty he must have been. Once he had dried off, he looked better already, and his down feathers were so fluffy! Every morning I added Pluck No More to his water using the amount indicated on the bottle and using purified water instead of tap water. I also sprayed him with it 3-4 times a day. I used a small eyeglass cleaning spray bottle so that I would minimize waste. Within a few weeks he had tons of little contour feathers coming in, and once he completed his spring molt, his flights and tail feathers came in, and for the first time in a couple of years, he let them come in without destroying them! He is now fully feathered after 4 months of using Pluck No More, and looks beautiful! Altogether I used about 6 bottles. It has been a couple of months now without using any at all, and he still looks great. I am so excited to have found a product that works, and I tell everyone about it! Thank You

Samantha, MN

Our beautiful bird is adopted and we got him at 4 years old, he's 5 now and because he was neglected in his first home he was plucked when we got him. Now he seems to be really happy and with the help with pluck no more he has feathered up very nicely.


My baby kiki loves Pluck No More her feathers are growing back and she  plays and talks more now that she feels better. Pluck No More is the best stuff I have ever used. She no longer plucks as long as I keep her on Pluck No More. She is now a happy camper. I can't belive how well this stuff works and how well it keeps her happy.


We had Meko since he was a baby. He was supposed to be my bird, but took a great liking to my husband. My husband got very sick and would spend alot of time in his chair in the living room sleeping. Mekos cage was always open so he could go in and out. After a week or so I would come home from work to find him nuzzling up to my husband on his chest tucked under his beard. He would refuse to go into his cage if my husband was in his chair. I noticed that Meko would sit on the top of my husband's chair when he was awake ,but curl up on his chest when he slept.  I have to say my husband wasn't  thrilled with Meko when we first got him because hit bit him often. In the later weeks  my husband would wind up in the hospital more often than he was home. When I would come home Meko would be sitting on my husbands chair crooning a tune and grooming till it was bedtime.  Eventually my husband passed away and little by little I noticed more feathers in the bottom of Meko's cage. At first I thought it was his time to shed, but then I noticed his chest was becoming bare and his legs also. I took him to the vets and they asked if anything tramatic had happened to him  and when I told them my husband died but nothing had happened to the bird they told me that Meko was sort of in mourning. Well this went on for a few months and then his tail feathers started to disappear. I had checked with my bird store and they told me to try some different things but they didn't work. In the meantime I had to take my dogs to their vet. I noticed a pamphlet that had birds on it and I asked wheather they were adding an avian vet. They replied no, that the pamphlets were advertising some items that they used for dogs. The receptionist asked why and I told her of my plight. She said that she had a friend that had a bird and had the same problem and she used Pluck no More. She said it was easy to remember the name cause it was true to what it did. I immediately came home and googled it and sent me to Kings cages sight. It took several weeks but Mekos feathers started to appear on his chest and some on his legs. The tail feathers haven't come back yet, but I'm not giving up hope. I still use it. He's becoming the beautiful bird that I originally had and I'm thrilled. He still sits crooning a tune every once in awhile on my husbands chair, but it doesn't sound as sad as it did before. It's been almost 2 years since I started to use Pluck no More. I tell everyone I know about it and even got my bird store to carry it.


When I bought CJ he was on Manager’s Special 50% Discount at a popular Pet Store, I won’t name. He was 10 months old, had no tail feathers, no wing feathers, he was starting on his chest feathers and for a White Capped Pionus he was given ONLY parakeet perches to stand on!! To say the least, he was a mess and had become quite mean so only one of the employees would dare touch him. My heart broke to see such a potentially beautiful bird tortured and ignored. He could talk and said, “whatcha doing” the minute you paid attention to the other birds, so I knew in my heart that all he needed was a better home, medication and love. I already had two parrots so the thought of a third was daunting, but I couldn’t walk away. I’d go in everyday around the same time and sit by his cage with the door open and talk to him, it took about four days but he finally worked up the courage to come and see me. His poor feet were so mangled he couldn’t perch well and without his tail and wing feathers to help with balancing he fell to the floor a lot!! This terrified me, as someone not use to handling baby birds could potential do serious head damage to him! That was that, I decided to bite the bullet and bring him home. I looked up feather plucking on line and found “King’s Cage” and “Pluck no More”. I was skeptical and the price concerned me, but after reading users reviews I took the chance to give CJ a chance at life. It was an amazing transformation. He is absolutely beautiful now and it was all due to the Pluck No More products. I followed the direction to the letter and used the bathing shampoo twice before winter set in. I use to call CJ “Pig Pen” because every time he shook there was a cloud of dust that littered the air around him. Besides putting olive oil on his feet now he’s on a regular vitamin supplement and has his sun lamp 6 hours a day. As you can see from the attached pictures, night and day!! THANK YOU PLUCK NO MORE!! YOU SAVED CJ’S LIFE!!

Laurie, MD

I was searching the Internet to find solutions for my greys plucking problem, when I stumbled upon Pluck No More. I'd already done everything "by the book" -in fact; I wrote the book. Clearly I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a shot, after reading the reviews. It didn't take long for my darling bird to grow her feathers back, and she even seemed calmer in the process. I still give her Pluck No More periodically; prior to stressful situations and during her hormonal periods. It helps every time, thank you so much, for a wonderful product! Author of "Boken om tamme jakopapegøyer" (Norwegian book about greys)

Rachel Bruun Vekseth

Stormie is a Congo African Grey Parrot who was 10 in the summer of 2005 when my husband and I separated.  That began a series of moves that ultimately stressed Stormie out so much that she began to pluck.  I didn’t take pictures of her then because she looked so bad.  Stormie not only had begun plucking, but she started to have a bad attitude.  I could no longer touch her without her biting me.  She even began lunging at me when I was feeding her.  I had never seen this side of Stormie.  She had always been a happy bird.  Then, 3 years ago, I ordered my first bottle of Pluck no More.  The changes were noticeable within the first month.  She began to be calmer and pluck less and less.  A little over a year ago, we made our final move into a newly purchased home.  Right about the time we made that move, we ran out of our last bottle of Pluck no More.  We decided to see how Stormie would do without it.  She is a changed bird!!  She has a great attitude again and has not plucked in a very long time.  A friend was over yesterday and she allowed him to put his hand in her cage and pet her.  That is something she NEVER did except with me and my daughter.  I credit this fantastic attitude with Pluck no More.  It truly changed Stormie’s life.  I would not have this healthy, happy bird, if I had not decided to take a chance on Pluck no More.  What a wonderful product!!  It was worth every penny I paid for it and then some!  After all, how do you put a price on a healthy, happy bird?


This is my second time around using your product. My bird is a 6 year old green wing macaw and I have had him since he was 3 weeks old. Unfortunately there is no previous owner to blame for his behavior. He started plucking a couple of years ago when I had surgery. He is very attached to his mommy. That seems to be the only reason my avian vet could come up with. Since we did all the necessary tests and found nothing wrong with him. It was just the few days of not seeing me that started this behavior. After trying just about everything I finally came upon Pluck No More and oh my goodness what an absolute fantastic product this is. I just cannot say enough of it. The birds behavior seems to change within a couple of days of using it. They are just calmer and sweeter to be with. I certainly highly recommend your product to any and everyone that has this problem with there pet bird. There is just nothing like it and the results are amazing. Red and his Mommy are very happy to say that this will definitely be the last product you buy if you are experiencing this form of behavior problems. Katy, Texas

Carol and Red

My name is Peaches (though I am a 20 year old boy). There have been times during the past few years I have become stressed at times, such as a new puppy joining our family and winter time when I can't be on the deck! I never lack for attention, but will pout and pluck my feathers. This is when "Mom" puts a call in to King's Cages for two bottles of the miracle Pluck No More. Within two weeks, adding to my drinking water and a few sprays each day, the picking and stress are gone (until next time). So thanks to you from me and Mom I am a happy handsome guy!


I was desperate trying to find help with my Severe Macaws plucking problem, I was running out of ideas. I asked anyone who I thought would know what to do, to know avail.  I finally found your web site and ordered 3 bottles and my Macaw (angel) started to get her feathers back, and slowly reduced her plucking and her feathers began coming back, thank God and thank you for such a great product.


I have a young blue and gold macaw whom recently started to over preen and chew on his rear inner as well as tail feathers. Upon inspection, there were no visible signs of a rash or infection which could indicate a more serious problem.  He was active, eating, playing and certainly interacting with his environment in a productive manner.  I knew this based upon the above was a behavioral problem,  I purchased your homeopathic product "Pluck No More".   I was impressed with the fact that your ingredients in this solution are natural and safe.  They promoted a soothing and relaxing effect to the newest member of my family.  Within days this problem was resolved.  I am highly impressed with your product and would certainly recommend it to others.

Dr. Bruce J. Kelson, D.C.

Thank you for your generous donations of No Stress! It's businesses like yours who make our raffle table a success! The proceeds from our fairs are used to support Avian Research and Avian Welfare. Thank you for helping the birds! Pam Hill Secretary Cage Bird Club of Charlotte County Pt. Charlotte, FL

Cage Bird Club

I am very pleased with the results on my golden conure, Regan.  I've been using it since February 2011. Here are some before and after pictures of Regan.

Marlene & Regan

Dear Richard King, I am writing you because I want to thank you for helping me with my quaker parrot. I have spoke to you many times on the phone and you have been very helpful. You spoke to me more then the vet would. It was pretty sad when you go to the vet and pay big bucks and the vet wont speak to you and has there receptionist talk to you and go nowhere. I am so glad i tried your product because the stuff the vet gave me didn't do a thing. Pluck No More started helping really fast and the best part was when I was so upset and would call you in tears you were very helpful. You would have had different ways for me to try and you actually made me feel better and I didn't loose my bird which I thought I would because his wound was so bad he had plucked himself so bad he was bleeding and had put a big whole in his chest. I just want to thank you so much for your wonderful product and putting your cell phone number on the instructions paper for people to call you and ask you questions. No vet in the world would take the time like you did and give their own personnel cell phone for people to call. That was wonderful. No one would ever do that. I have told a few people about your product. I am always telling everyone about your Pluck No More. In fact I have bought an extra bottle and still put it in his water and keep it around just in case, but he is not going after his feathers anymore. Thank you again and when ever anyone tells me about their bird that plucks I tell them all about your product. Thanks again, Joann Camilli

Joann Camilli from MA

Dear Mr King, Just wanted to send you a little note for your help yesterday. The Diamond Doves absolutely love the natural branches you suggested for them. The Mini aviary now looks beautiful. Your suggestion was right on the money!!! I wish I could send you a picture what a difference. It was also a pleasure meeting you. Both my husband and I enjoyed speaking with you yesterday. Thank you again and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sincerely, Joe and Debbie

Joe and Debbie from NJ

I am so relieved that it finally paid off. I'm writing you a thank you. When I first got my African grey, here by referred to as Mayday, he was in rough shape. His previous owner had neglected him to the point that almost all of his feathers were done. He moved in with me and didn't pluck for about a month. Then it returned. I had already started him on pluck no more in order to help him along in the process. I finished my first bottle and he was still picking although much much less. After the second bottle he was still picking but some feathers had returned and I was hopeful. Enter bottle number 3. I mixed up a dose and put it in a small amount of water and surprise surprise he wanted it. So I let him drink it and he drank it all. After a few weeks of this the plucking stopped. I had stopped for a few weeks because every store was out of it and randomly he picked one feather. I heard it like the shot heard round the world. I immediately called every store in town and thankfully a shop had some. 2 weeks later. Now bottle 4 and 4 months into treatment I would say 90% of his feathers have come back. It took a while but this is fantastic stuff. The negative reviews come from people who gave up after one bottle. I was determined to get this solved and everyone said stick with it and it will work. He's a happy bird now. He's singing and talking and just like a typical grey. This stuff does work. Just be patient.

Blair H.

I was giving an African grey about a month and a half ago. He was very afraid and pulled out his feathers from stress over the years. I bought the no pluck and what a difference its has made my bird. He is growing feathers back and seems so much more happier. Love this product!! Thanks, Jennifer H.

1 Month After Pluck-No-More!

Our African Grey is now in her new King's Cage home and she loves it! We put the old cage up to the new one, opened her old cage door and after a day she went in. So cool. -Don Matheny    

Don Matheny

Dear Rich, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for my new 306 Cages; they're great! The three cages currently house my breeding pair of kinkajous, my coatimundi, and my scarlet macaw. All three groups of animals love the cages. The cages are impossible for them to escape from (a problem I was having with other cages I have housed them in). I anticipate many future orders with you.  Due to the fact that the bars on these macaw cages are so thick, they are fantastic for housing a multitude of species including sloths, prehensile tailed porcupines, lemurs, monkeys, iguanas and more. Thanks again for your help and support, Sincerely, Nicholas Jacinto, Animal Adventures Parties Licensed USDA Animal Handler NYSDEC Endangered Species NYSDEC License to Collect/Possess Native Wildlife NYSDEC License to Possess Dangerous Wildlife

Animal Adventures

Dear Andrew, Thank you for your helping us select the right cage, playpen and toys for our new Umbrella Cockatoo.  He is very happy with all the new toys.  Sydney loves the playpen. We appreciate all the advice and support that you extended.  It was a true pleasure working with you to set Sydney up with a happy environment.  We love our King Cage! Craig & Sydney

Craig & Sydney

We at Parrot Hope Rescue want to express our appreciation for your generous support. Your commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach our goals. Your assistance means so much to us but even more to the parrots we rescue. Thank you from the bottom of our heats. -Parrot Hope Rescue PS. Your new aluminum cages are the best aluminum cages on the market. 08.01.2011

Parrot Hope Rescue

Dear Tim,I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to let you know that my cage arrived safely. The packing was amazing. When i opened the huge box I  was more then surprised at the quality and beauty of this cage. I  absolutely love this cage and even though it was very simple to put together I still needed 4 hands because of how huge and heavy the cage is. I will for sure be back for another cage from you. By far you cannot beat the quality or service which is TOPS! I bought the (Economy Line Stackable Cage for Large Birds ELFDD 3628) and i know this is the best cage I have ever purchased ...Thank you King's Cages!February 3, 2012

Jennifer Coleman

Hi, I thought you'd like this picture of all my 6 birds on one of your playstands. Carnell B.

Thank you for your great products

Everything was great! The cage itself was not only a gorgeous color, but also sturdy and strong. Looks to last a lifetime! Hooray! You can take the tray out to clean it without the bird escaping. Also, unlike so many many play top cages, the bowls are ingeniously designed! Even a strong and mischievous bird can't throw their playtop bowls around.  Thank you guys so much! Our baby parrot may need his own cage -- I may be getting another cage from King's sooner rather than later! Thanks again, Heidi Clark


I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying my model 9003223, in white finish. I am a first-time owner of a Yellow Nape Amazon, and wanted a top-notch brand cage for my baby. I love the features and the quality. Thank you very much! -Daryl Thanks from LA, California


I just want to say how impressed we are with the new cage we purchased from you.  We got the 8003223 - New Locks, Play Pen Bird Cage for our African Grey.  It arrived quickly, and the quality is superb.  It went together beautifully.  All of the screws and nuts were in the package so there were no headaches there.  Our grey is enjoying her new home very much!

Mariyln M. 8003223

Great cages! We have two-- excellent quality on the stainless steel! Thanks for such great products! James W.

207 Stainless Steel – High Polished

Good morning, I have the 508SS. I love them and the birds do as well.  My greenwing actaully is growing a tail!  He has enough room now he doesn't smash it. I loaded up the whole gang all at once for a vet trip - a two hour ride and the new travel carriers are absolutely awesome!!  I am thrilled with them and getting two more so everybody has one.  I hauled the whole crew and it was so nice to have such secure carriers.  I put the guys in the old plastic ones up front so I could keep an eye on them.   I used to worry about the chewers getting through the plastic carriers.  These are absolutely awesome. Thanks for having such great stuff for my family!! Darlene

Darlene from Cle Elem, WA

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