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BEST Quality You Can Find Anywhere!! Our Cages Will Last for Years & Provide Maximum Safety

Kings Cages is family owned and operated since 1975. Richard King and his son, Andrew, have brought you the safest, most durable avian products for over 40 years. Richard King has owned quarantine stations in the past where health & safety have always been his first priority.

Many years ago Richard found there were no safe large bird cages available for his “babies” so he started to manufacture his own. The rest is history!

Andrew King grew up taking care of the baby birds and worked alongside his father. During that time, he acquired a vast amount of bird knowledge and experience.

Andrew recently married Daniella Stanciu. She has been named the new director of the homeopathic division. She is extremely well versed in ingredient interaction and previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry.

Over the years both Richard and Andrew traveled the globe finding the best wood, food, cages and toy factories for your feathered friends. All of our products are bird friendly. We are sure your feathered companion will love them too.

Founder of King's Cages
Richard King, founder of King's Cages. Richard created a brand loved around the world with his son Andrew. Sadly we all lost Richard January 2019. Never forgotten and forever missed.
Andrew King is the owner and operator of King's Cages. A family owned business since 1975, started by his father, the late Richard King.
Office Manager
Kim Blatt joined the King's team 2017. She's proud to be working for the best avian company EVER! Her flock Penny & Richard love their amazing King's toys & cages!
Graphic Designer & Media
Dan Poli is King's Cages graphic designer, photographer and videographer since 2011. Team member by day, artist and musician by night.
Customer Service & Sales Rep
Joining our fantastic team in June 2020. Knowledgeable Mariel is here to help with all your questions and needs!
22 year old Pepper! She started plucking and the Vet said it was hormonal and to get a collar. We decided to try Pluck no More. In one week we saw down feathers and plucking stopped. In 2 weeks the sores were healed and you can see how beautiful she is by week three!. It really works!!! I add it to her water and spray her three times a day. -Linda

Linda and Pepper

Our African Grey is now in her new King's Cage home and she loves it! We put the old cage up to the new one, opened her old cage door and after a day she went in. So cool. -Don Matheny    

Don Matheny

Coco loves her Kings Cages play stand, Java tree, and all her wonderful toys! I love shopping at kings cages as the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and just so helpful! Their selection of toys is just outstanding also! - Lori Pachter  

Lori Pachter

I purchased a travel cage in August of this year. I just wanted you all to know that it is the most well built cage I have ever seen. Thanks

John Scabarozi

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